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Improve dental health in dogs and cats with probiotics.

The aim of the study was to develop and clinically test an easy-care home probiotic product for the oral health of cats and dogs.

Approximately 75% of dogs and cats suffer from periodontal infections during their lifetime.

Gingivitis (reversible inflammation of the gums, can be cured) and

Periodontitis are the most recurrent. As with humans, harmful bacteria can also cause infections in organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

In addition to veterinary treatment, daily care is essential.

Methods: Pets received a combination of bacteria in powder form daily for four weeks in addition to dry chow.

Microbiological samples were taken before and after the intervention from each dog and cat. The samples were analyzed with flow cytometry analysis.

Results: It was shown to prevent the growth of infectious bacteria in four weeks. Petguide probiotic powder reduced the relative abundance of infectious microbes significantly (p = 0.005) in cats and dogs. Conclusion: The results suggest that the probiotic product with three live strains of probiotic bacteria prevents and reduces the growth of infectious bacteria.

The probiotic combination could be used to improve the oral health of pets and increase their quality of life.

Authors: Veli-Matti Mäkinen1, Annika Mäyrä1, Eveliina Munukka, Gutguide Ltd., Halikko, Finland, Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku, Turku, Finland

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Photo by Victor Cayke.

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