BifidoMAX Chocolate bar

Do you want to continue giving your 100% after a workout? or after your work day? Microgood makes it easy for you, and it has never been so healthy, knowing that you are eating pure pleasure and health in the same proportion, there is no excuse.

BifidoMAX chocolate is an alternative presentation of the ProVillus product. The phenolic compounds in chocolate function as food for beneficial bacteria. The bacteria encapsulated in cocoa butter perfectly survive the acidic conditions of the stomach until they reach the intestine.

1 ounce of chocolate contains 2 billion live bifidobacteria lactic acid bacteria / ounce = daily dose. It is suitable for all age groups.

One 6.3g ounce of BifidoMAX contains
2 billion live bacteria and 37 kcal.

B. lactis Provillus BLC1
L. rhamnosus Permeabilis SP1

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